Xinomavro variety “sour, namely acidulous, and black”, is one of the rare and noble varieties of northern Greece. It is a vigorous variety susceptible to diseases and drought. It likessandy calcareous soils, of average mechanical composition with good drainage. Our great experience with the xinomavro variety shows that its expression differs from the microclimate but also from the actions of the viticulturist. The balance of the plant with its environment is the key to the production of quality wines.


Its virtues

It gives wines that are high in acidity, rich in phenols, with a deep, black colour, full of tannins that have an aging potential of many years. Yet, it does not stop there! Xinomavro is a multifaceted variety that can give us exceptional blanc de noir, sparkling and roséwines.

Xinomavro can be compared to the Nebbiolo or Pinot noir varieties due to the well-structured and complex aromatic character of its produced wines. A unique character that is winning the hearts of more and more oinophiles.

Our vineyard

Our vineyard is located in the wine-growing zone of Naousa, on the foothills of Vermio mountain, in Trilofos, Imathia, in northern Greece. The altitude is 140-170 m. with a southeast orientation. The soil is poor, medium-textured with calcareous substrate.

It consists of the red varieties xinomavro, montepulciano and the white indigenous vidiano and kydonitsa.

Xinomavro clones have been selected andgrafted on 110R. Plant balance and respect towards the environment constitute the goal of our cultivation.



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